The affordable and Easiest path to RISC-V

Harness the power of RISC-V and design your very own tailored system. 

The Firefly, a board created for Makers!

At Pixilica, we believe innovation is the new catalyst for growth, and fueling innovation with open source technologies is the right way to produce more and even better societies. 


The Firefly is one of the boards we created to that purpose. It features everything you need to create your next-generation product with open-source hardware and software.


Product Specs


 RISC-V Configurable CPU with or without FPU running on the FPGA


FreeRTOS or Linux Debian, and IP cores accelerators


From 100mW to 5W max when running multimedia apps

Your platform to create the next-gen product

The flexibility and performance of the new Firefly boards is a game-changer for every maker. For the first time, you will be able to design your very own system, hardware-accelerators and RISC-V processor included— on a small, energy-efficient and cost-effective board.

Your needs, your version

We know you all have different needs so we offer different versions of our boards. Some are cost-effective, others offer more performance.

Silent, energy-efficient

Our boards are fanless and energy-efficient even if we use FPGAs. We have worked hard on the design of each one of them to do so.

Connected to the world

You can connect our boards to the world with onboard wireless networking (WIFI) and Bluetooth. Your choice.

Arduino Headers

For even more flexibility, you can plug any Arduino Shield to our boards. HDMI, Ethernet, Display, you can add the interface you need. 


Who We Are

Pixilica is a startup created by four technology enthusiasts. We had extensive talks on how we could open up bleeding-edge technologies to the greatest number. The Internet is loaded with projects and tutorials but it is not enough, getting the right hardware is a key success!



Every member of the team is a technology expert. And among us, some give lectures on Software and Hardware R&D. You may meet us in Montana, California, Colorado, Indiana, or even France, and it will be our pleasure talking with you.

You will need

  • A USB cable or a15W barrel power supply – we recommend buying the barrel power supply if you plan to run multimedia applications.

  • A microSD card loaded with the operating system – we recommend buying a pre-loaded SD card along with your Firefly board.


  • A keyboard and mouse

  • Cables to connect to a display via an HDMI shield

Take it further

We are still working on the documentation, stay tuned or contact us if you have any question!

Get started in a matter of minutes


Meet us at SIGGRAPH 2019

Pixilica Founder Atif Zafar to give a talk at SIGGRAPH 2019 

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 25, 2019 -- Atif Zafar, Founder at Pixilica will present a talk about RISC-V Graphics ISA during SIGGRAPH 2019. This talk will present the result of a joint effort of Research between Atif Zafar at Pixilica, Grant Jennings at Gowin Semiconductor – and Ted Marena at CHIPS Alliance and Western Digital – This talk will introduce the word done for a possible RISC-V Graphics ISA, including the presentation of a new set of “graphics” instructions designed for 3d graphics and media processing.



We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about Pixilica and how you can benefit from working with us.


California, USA

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