Movers And Shakers

Pixilica is a provider of embedded technologies for students, hobbyists, and companies of all sizes.


We founded the company in 2017 after lots of talks about new technologies.


Our mission is to provide every maker with affordable and cool products that anyone can use to create amazing systems or to learn embedded software and digital hardware.


The team

We are able to take Pixilica to the next level thanks to an incredible team of entrepreneurs who collaborate together to make every project come to life.





Atif is the visionaire at Pixilica. He is a serial Entrepreneur in Medical Devices, Computing Technology, and Renewable Energy. Atif is passionate by technology and he goes to every technology-related conference for years and he gives lectures at the University of Buffalo. Atif probably knows every new (and old) technologies available on the market.



Wayne boasts nearly four decades of experience in the IT industry. Passionate about hardware and embedded software, Wayne is in charge of designing the Firefly board, creating cool projects with the community, and offering the best user experience. Wayne is also an experienced teacher, he has been giving lectures to veterans for years.



Software Director

Nicolas is an entrepreneur and an innovator. Passionate about technology and innovation, he founded his company after its PhD in 2015 to provide engineers with tools that ease programming FPGAs and embedded systems. At Pixilica he works on providing great Software to program the boards. He gave lectures on Embedded Systems at various Engineering Schools in France.